The November Council meeting and AGM were held on Friday 20 November. This year looked a little different, as we held it via Zoom webinar. 
The council meeting included presentations and updates from Chris Keating (CEO VSBA), who provided a VSBA update; Sarah McNicol (Acting Director of School Systems Reform Branch DET) and David Robinson (Acting Executive Director of Early Childhood and School Education Reform Division DET), who discussed Initial Teacher Education. We also heard from our valued Business Partner Camp Australia. 

The council meeting was followed by the 50th Annual General Meeting where the President's Report, Treasurer's Report and appointment of auditors formed the majority of business. We also heard from Mark McClay, Principal at Pleasant Street Primary School, who was awarded a VPA Study Award in 2018, sponsored by Teachers. Mark's topic was Principal Health and Wellbeing, and he travelled around Australia and New Zealand to research his guide to principal wellbeing that is now available on our website. 

Following the AGM, we presented the 2020 VPA Study Award sponsored by Bank First, for Promoting Community Links. This year the award went to Maria Giordano, assistant principal at Oak Park Primary School. Her topic is building resilience in children to improve their mental health. 
The VPA Service Award this year went to Corey Pohlner for his outstanding work in professional development for VPA membership.
A VPA Life Member Award was also presented to Jenny Mackay, for her incredible work throughout her career in both professional development and support of other school leaders.  

Years of Membership Certificates

10 Years
Kathie Arnold, Chris Bozikas, Cindi Bruechert, Susan Chernishoff, Matthew Coney, Gayle Cope,  Paula Cosgrave, Robert Dowell, Peter Farrell, Julie Fisher, Robert Guppy, Helen Hatherly, Janet Marinakos, Glenn McConnell, Kerri McLeod, Dennis Mitchell, Vineta Mitrevski, Joanne Money, Gillian Ovens, Christine Owen, Simon Perry, Suzanne Prendergast, Steve Richardson, Mark Rogerson, Terry Scott, Christopher Short, Trudy Smith, Carolyn Tavener, Stuart Telford, Laban Toose, Cheryl Torpey, Cheryl Van Deursen, Daniel Watson.
15 Years
Vicki Miles, Leanne Dowling, George Danson, Leanne Armao, Charles Branciforte, Debbie Cottier, Susan Crispe, Kieran Denver, Laureen Adderley.
20 Years
Barbara O’Brien, Angelique den Brinker, Anne-Maree Kliman, Jeanette Roth, Jim Cahill, Rukshana Verzijl, Danielle Stella, Helen Watson, Bryan Nolan, Therese Pierce, Teresa Stone.
25 Years
Janet Adamson, Duncan Cant, Penelope Earle, Wendy Emin, Helen Freeman, Irene Harding, Marilyn Koolstra, Robert Parker, Esther Wood.
30 Years
John Mooney

The VPA would like to thank all attendees, business partners and guest speakers for their participation.