Professional Learning Workshops

Term 3, 2020

VPA offer a range of Professional Learning Workshops throughout in the year in areas such as:
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Applying for Principal Class Positions
  • Quality Teaching Rounds Training
  • Introduction to Leadership Coaching
  • Tough Conversations
  • Planning your workforce
  • And more!
Current workshops are listed below.

Introduction to Leadership Coaching
Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 May 2021 (two-day event)
9.00am to 4.30pm
Lunch provided
Venue: VPA Office, Unit 2, 13-21 Vale Street, North Melbourne

This workshop is for principals, heads of departments, team leaders and anyone in school or system leadership role. 

As a result of participating in this session you will:
  • Be introduced to the GROWTH coaching system
  • Be able to apply the GROWTH coaching model to a range of workplace conversations
  • Practise giving feedback and link to coaching
  • Develop next steps for taking coaching forward in your context
  • Build or continue to build a coaching culture in your workplace
Download the form here and return to Sue O'Connor at

Understanding the Student Resource Package (SRP) & Preparing a Workforce Plan (Online)
Tuesday 11 May, 2021
2.00pm to 4.00pm
Location: online

This workshop for principals and assistant principals will focus on understanding your school’s SRP and preparing an effective workforce plan for 2021.

The workshop will cover:
  • Unpacking the various components of the School Resource Package
  • Workforce planning and budgeting concepts
  • Major issues that impact on staff planning
  • Creating a sustainable workforce plan
  • Hands on modelling the SRP using your school’s data
Download the form here and return to Sue O'Connor at

Tough Conversations for School Leaders
Thursday 22 April, 2020
9.00am to 4.30pm
Morning tea and lunch provided
Venue: VPA Office, Unit 2, 13-21 Vale Street, North Melbourne

This is a one-day professional learning workshop where participants learn practical skills for holding students, parents and staff accountable for bad behaviour and breached expectations.
Lesson Framework:
  • Why people overreact
  • Self-control factors in adults and young people
  • How ‘frustration tolerance’ develops in people
  • What to tolerate: how to sort what you let go and what needs your attention
  • What people will do if you challenge them
  • A step-by-step process to address a problem
  • How to tame tigers: effectively dealing with offensive behaviour
  • A video demonstration of the concepts applied to a tough conversation between a parent and a principal
Learning outcomes:
  • Improved negotiation strategies using a scripted mediation process
  • Better understanding of how to be less affected by someone else’s frustration, and how to manage their emotional distress
  • Strategies to progress the conversation towards a pre-planned outcome
  • Practical demonstrations of principals and school leaders managing difficult parent and staff behaviour, including what to do and what to say to achieve better outcomes
  • Readings and literature for follow-up research
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Applying for Principal Class Positions
Monday 26 April
9.00am to 3.00pm
Lunch provided
Venue: VPA Office, Unit 2, 13-21 Vale Street, North Melbourne

This workshop has been designed for aspiring Assistant Principals and Principals.

It will be delivered by members of the VASSP team:
  • President Sue Bell, former Principal of Wantirna College, Monash College at Monash University and Acting Principal of Melbourne High School
  • Executive Officer Vicki Forbes, former Principal of Brentwood Secondary College and former Regional Network Leader
  • Field Officer Garry Schultz, former Principal of Belmont High School
Download the form here  and return to Sue O'Connor at