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At Woods Furniture, we believe that education is of the utmost importance, not just for the children of today, but for our world tomorrow.

This fundamental belief has driven our team, for over half a century, to study how children learn from a behavioural, ergonomic and cognitive perspective, and to develop furniture that is flexible, adaptable and stimulating. At Woods, we’re for flexible learning. For more information visit us at

Formerly Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank, Bank First is a bank that’s owned by its customers, founded on values and exists to support people who put others first. Their focus has been on providing a better value banking experience for its customers since 1972. With strong links to the community, they are proud to support education through events, sponsorships, grants and professional development support. Find out more at

At anzuk, we place exceptional people in educational settings. We invest in teachers looking for temporary or permanent work, provide search and selection for executive level managers, recruit support staff and supply permanent and casual educators and support staff for early childhood.

Now operating between Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, anzuk will meet your needs wherever you are in your education career journey.

Every day, every way, always.

Verso makes it easier for schools to support their teachers in implementing the FISO aligned, evidence-based high-impact teaching strategies including:

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Explicit Teaching
  • Feedback and Questioning.

Designed and built in Victoria for Victorian K-12 teachers, this online resource saves teachers time while maximising learning for every student. Verso delivers teachers and school administrators unique visibility on student learning, enabling the personalisation of instruction to student needs across all curriculum areas. Verso also supports teachers in rethinking their professional learning, using classroom evidence and student feedback to individualise continuous professional development.

In addition, Verso connects teachers to colleagues to support collaborative teaching, share best practice and provide access to the most effective learning design for all areas of the curriculum. The new in-built vocabulary analysis tool gives teachers unique and real-time visibility on the language usage of each individual student across multiple curriculum areas and offers suggestions on the grade-appropriate vocabulary necessary to improve literacy outcomes.