Services and Support

Member Advisors
VPA Member Advisors are available to provide confidential information and support to VPA members in their role as educational leaders. They are experienced (retired or former) Principals who understand the role and are willing to help at any time. Our Member Advisors are only a call or email away, and have assisted VPA members with preparation for and appearances at: Work Safe, the Merit Protection Board and the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Contact Gaye Aldridge, VPA Executive Officer or phone our Member Advisors at the VPA Office on 03 8379 4000 with any concerns or issues.

Project Services
VPA Project Services is a consulting/coaching service offered by the VPA to assist primary principals in all aspects of school leadership. VPA Project Services provides consultants who are experienced principals at a very reasonable fee for service basis to VPA members.

How it works in your school
VPA Project Services personnel provide short to medium term support in schools on a casual hourly rate at a time which fits in with a principal’s working day. Schools will pay just above CRT rates for the hours worked onsite, on documentation and travel and time spent in preparation and follow-up. This rate is far below the cost of equivalent consultancy work provided by private organisations and should fit within the budget of even the smallest primary schools who wish to use VPA Project Services.

The areas in which VPA Project Services can provide assistance include:

  1. Workforce Planning
  2. School Finance
  3. Leadership Coaching
  4. Change Management
  5. Performance and Development
  6. Communications
  7. Community Relationships/Partnerships
  8. Curriculum Improvement Strategies
  9. School Review and Self Assessment

What we offer
  1. Advice, support and counsel from experienced school leaders who understand your issues, and are keen to help
  2. Excellent knowledge of DET and School Council requirements
  3. Skill and experience in helping you to respond accordingly
  4. Advice and support on longer term career planning
  5. Complete confidentiality

Focus areas
  1. Effective School Leadership
  2. School Review/ Self assessment/ Strategic Planning
  3. School Management/ Communications
  4. SRP and School Finance
  5. Facilities
  6. Workforce Planning/ Human Resources
  7. Community Relations/ School Councils

Contact us

Contact Gaye Aldridge, VPA Executive Officer via email or phone our Member Advisors at the VPA Office on 03 8379 4000 with any concerns or queries.