Previous Study Award Winners


Corey Pohlner's 2017 Study Award research area,
Building a Stress-free Culture in Our Schools, 
provides a fascinating look at using the wellness
industry as a support for school educators and 
leaders. Corey's article in our 2018 Journal, which
details his research, can be found here; while his
engaging presentation from our 2018 AGM can be
accessed here.

Joan O'Connor Cox's 2017 Study Award research
area, What Will Bring Happiness in Principalship, 
is an in-depth look at using contemporary
neuroscience to create models and frameworks
to support coaching conversations in educational
leadership. Joan's speech detailing her research, 
which she presented at our 2018 AGM, can be
accessed here; while her presentation slides can
be viewed here.
  Shelby Papadopoulos' 2017 Study Award presentation
captured her research into professional and clinical
supervision for principals. You can check out her report
here and her presentation here.