We have a number of events across the year that are aimed at building your networking contacts and enhancing your professional development so you can be an effective leader in your school community. 

We also recognise many important dates that aim to recognise the tireless efforts that Principal Class Members and teachers have on students and their futures, as well as other important dates that champion diversity and equality. 

Some key dates for your diaries are below. 

Board Meetings:

 Feb 12  Board Meeting 1
 March 18  Board Meeting 2
 June 3  Board Meeting 3
 July 15  Board Meeting 4
 September 2  Board Meeting 5
 October 14  Board Meeting 6
 December 9  Board Meeting 7

Council Meetings:

 February 20–21  Feb Planning Meeting
 May 8  Council Meeting (postponed)
 July 24  Council Meeting
 November 20  Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Principals Association Incorporated
 Virtual meeting 12.00pm

Regional Meetings:

 Region  Convenor  Date  Time  Speaker
 Casey and Cardinia  Andrew Felsinger & Greg Lacey  Monday 24 August 2020  10.00 am  Anne-Maree Kliman
 Hume  Debbie Humphries  Tuesday 25 August 2020  9.00 am  Anne-Maree Kliman
 EMR  Esther Wood  Wednesday 26 August 2020  11.30 am  Anne-Maree Kliman
 WMR  Senka King  Thursday 27 August 2020  8.30 am  Brian Wheeler
 Gippsland  Justin Curry  Friday 28 August 2020  10.00 am  Brian Wheeler
 BSW  Andrew Dalgleish  Tuesday 1 September 2020  11.30 am  Anne-Maree Kliman
 NMR  Chris Bozikas  Thursday 3 September 2020  9.00 am  Anne-Maree Kliman
 Mildura  Robyn Brooks  Tuesday 8 September 2020  10.00 am  Speaker TBC 
 SMR  Sue Leighton-Janse  Thursday 10 September 2020  2.30 pm  Anne-Maree Kliman


 March 20  Board and Business Partners' Dinner (postponed)
 June 19  Aspiring Leaders' Day (postponed)
 August 7  Principals' Day
 August 13–14  Women & Leadership Symposium (postponed)
 September 15–18   Trans-Tasman Conference (postponed)
 November 6  Life Members' Lunch (postponed)

Important Dates: 

 March 8  International Women's Day
 March 21–29  Cultural Diversity Week
 August 7  Principals Day
 October 5  World Teachers Day
 November 5  Outdoor Classroom Day